Saturday, 9 April 2016

How would you like to earn some dollars while you shop? Global Weath Trade (GWT) provides such opportunity

Global Wealth Trade (GWT) is a global luxury fashion designer company founded on Canada. April 2016 we will be 10yrs in business.

We created the world's first Free-Flowing Variable Compensation Plan ® that eliminates any restrictions and speed bumps for the members to access their earned commissions and bonuses. Our distinctly distributor-friendly compensation plan makes the GWT business the opportunity for the people, where the average part-time entrepreneur truly has the chance to create wealth for himself and share it with others. We are proud that our revolutionary free-flowing compensation plan eliminates the status quo in direct sales where only an elite of top distributors can achieve financial greatness. Fairness and intent are the driving forces behind the way we do business

Earn while you shop - Opportunity

Simply put it this way GWT pay you when you buy any of their designers wears and if you refer anyone to GWT as an agent.

I Gloria am a an agent. Click on the link below to view my designer mall. Please visit my mall and shop to patronize me and get our best quality products delivered to your doorstep all the way from Canada.


After clicking on the link you will see several countries so click on your country where you reside then click on Designer Gallery, we offer you free gift certificate to shop in our malls as a way of encouraging you to tryout our products and see for yourself.

GWT can deliver to any country on a timely basis.

Contact us if you want to join Global Wealth Trade (GWT) and earn extra income

If you are interested to know more please call

Gloria at +234(0)8082685191 or Mike at +234(0)8023220904

Email at or

View GWT videos and Luxury designer items


See below some our GWT Luxury designers items

GWT Seminar held in London

Cross Section of GWT Seminar


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  2. Me too. I have seen several people in this business and some make as much as $500 per week.

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