Tuesday, 22 March 2016

VPA Pastor Alex Omokudu divorced his wife 3 months ago. Remarries a 25 yrs old Polish lady

"Alex Omokudu has divorced his Wife Patrica Omokudu of several years to marry a Russian 25 years old Polish.

They were wedded by well known Pastor Benny Hinn.

This happened while the Church service was going on, and wedding ceremony was been conducted upstairs.

Pastor Alex Omokudu has several times during the sermons talked about how he was a nobody and Patrica brought him to London. How he got his papers and how from nobody Patrica saw the greatness in him and married him and he became somebody."

"Before they ended the marriage there was an open fight between both during the service on the altar."

Wedding Video

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Earlier on in the day, the ex wife was still on the Church website, but has now been removed.

Also Watch U tube video below also

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